I work at a hospital

I am a 60 + year old licensed electrician helping this Hospital with maintenance and remodel work. I listen to coworkers, nurses, and sometimes doctors telling me that this covid stuff isn’t real. Sometimes we’re walking through the parking garage and I can look over their shoulder at 2 of the 3 temporary morgues I helped install to create more room for all the new bodies that we are getting. 

The morgue that was built into this building in the 80s was only designed with 4 beds, that’s all they’ve ever needed. We went from being able to hold 4 bodies to 38 and even then sometimes the nurses have to let the bodies sit in the rooms until we have a space in the morgue

I know we’re not the only hospital having this problem, it’s just become old news so they’re not talking about it anymore.

At no point am I trying to imply that everybody who gets covid will die? This is a very small percentage increase in the death rate because of covid and it is stressing the hospital’s ability to deal with it. 

Even our medical system is built on a just on time basis and this little increase is more than our hospital system can take. 

When I start to have these conversations with coworkers and others, I just roll my eyes in amazement and wonder how in this age of information how did we end up disagreeing so much about basic information. 

It can easily be proven but people tell me they don’t believe the proof, it’s just part of the conspiracy. How do you deal with that? 

I do get asked if and sometimes told that those morgues are part of the conspiracy and that they are all empty. The security people are the ones that move the bodies from the rooms to the holding or temporary morgue and then from the morgue to the transport vehicles I’ve worked with the security people since before covid and they are the type of folks that would not lie to me. 

If this was a conspiracy it would be so easy to blow the lid off of it and trust me I would be the first to do it if I had the proof. 

Here are the best numbers I can give you, unvaccinated approximately 49 people out of 50 will live through getting covid, and vaccinated approximately 39,999 people out of 40,000 will live through covid. 

Approximately 1 out of 50 will die without the vaccine, that is about 2% and approximately 1 out of 40,000 will die without the vaccine, that is about 0.0025%. 

If you’re unvaccinated or haven’t been boosted you now know the best facts I can find and if you want the vaccine, go to any local pharmacy and ask, it’s free because the government wants you to live.

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