The Poop Cure

Nova did a show called The Poop Cure. Sounds pretty incredible if poop can cure major medical problems so I’ve been asking doctors about this. 

I believe that it would more than help some people, let’s just say that what they hear me asking them to do isn’t going over very well, and what the doctors say is there aren’t any studies about FMTs fecal matter transplants to prove that there’s something to it. 

Do you know what it costs to do a study to get the FDA or someone like that to say ‘you can say it does that’ to doctors and other medical professionals? 

The basic idea of the Nova show is that if your poop ain’t right your body is not right. Go watch the show if you want to know more.

There’s also a lot of evidence herbs have medical things they do and what people are figuring out about pot, or medical marijuana is also pretty incredible. 

Here’s my basic point: our medical system won’t suggest or recommend anything unless there’s been some huge study that proves it actually does what they say it’s going to do. 

That’s what I would consider a catch-22 in the medical field. The only people who are willing to pay for these huge studies are people who are going to turn a profit on them and nobody is going to pay for the studies to prove Herbs, Pot or S*** have Medical benefits. 

I personally have some beliefs about hydrogen peroxide which is available over-the-counter at a 3% mix. I use it a lot like Windex in that movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. When I look up studies on the internet it talks about testing at a 3% to 10% mix. And how harmful it is. I’d like to point out that 10% is more than 3 times stronger than what you can get over the counter. At a 10% level, I bet it would burn and do harm. But once again there are no studies.

If these fecal matter transplants, FMTs, actually work it would put a huge portion of our medical field out of business. If pot can do what they say it does and you proved it once again, it will put a huge portion of our medical system out of business. 

This is also the reason why nobody will pay for a study that will cure some medical condition because there’s extremely short-term and limited profitability in that.

If herbs can help with medical stuff and we can’t get the FDA’s approval because no one will pay for it and this old knowledge will just disappear over time. It’s just too expensive to tell people they can grow a couple of herbs in their backyard, consume them in tea or food and help with some medical problems. 

I think the point I’m trying to make is that just because somebody can’t make a profit on something then the study will never get done and if the study will never get done the no one is allowed to talk about what these things can do because if you do you’re practicing medicine without a license.

Everything going on with the body is considered to be a medical condition and if you say I can cure this medical condition with this, that, or the other thing and you don’t have a license and a study to prove it, the law will come down on you.

1, If nobody studies these old natural cures we don’t know what the correct amount is to get the goals that we’re looking for or if they can actually do what history seems to think they can. 

2, I was also listening to a documentary, the cancer cure cover-up, talking about how he had a cure for cancer. He was trying to get an FDA study to prove it and he claims the FDA kept tampering with his study to make it fail. 

I consider both of those to be a problem and if I ran the world I would find some way to fix it. 

All this old knowledge that we can do for free or cheap is going away because we have a system that only cares about big companies making a profit. 

Just a side note, I’m not against big companies. There are times and places for their expertise but we shouldn’t be forced by Law and Rule to depend on them for everything. 

There are times the government needs to step in and fund some of these studies so that we can keep this old knowledge alive especially if it works.

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