About Me

Who is Eric Mahaffy?

Hello! My name is Eric Mahaffy, and I am running for a seat as a U.S. Representative for Washington State’s Congressional District 10.

I live in Olympia, and I work in Tacoma, if you’re voting for me, it’s because we all live in Washington’s 10th Congressional District.

I am proud working-class blue jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. If elected, I will vote and represent the people of Washington.

I will say this again and again and again and again. I know I have some very strong opinions and directions that I think we should go. This job is not about me, this job is about me representing you.

Why am I running for Congress? 

I have been talkin’ and studying politics since my early twenties. I decided it was about time that I either needed to shut up or get involved, so here I am running for Washington State Congressional District 10.

If you want to keep big corps money and interests out of politics, I’m the Congressional pick for you! My entire campaign has been self-funded on a bare-bones budget. I don’t even want your donations, look around there’s no donate button on my site anywhere. I have not accepted any endorsements or the money that comes with it. I don’t want my constituents to ever think I may ever consider selling my vote.

I am an IBEW blue-collar working-class electrician who is passionate about representing the people of Washington in Congress and helping the United States heal from the damage done.

Guiding Philosophies

I understand that there are so many different types of people in this world and how many different ways there are to look at the same problem. One of my lines is, “you can give the same job to 10 different electricians, it will get done 11 different ways because one of them will be doing it twice”.

If you want a river, it’s best if the water flows downhill

My basic philosophy in life is if you want something to work you should make it so it almost works by itself.

I enjoy inventing and assembling things to get them to do what people want them to do. You can have the best widget in the world but if people can’t figure out how to use it, it’s useless.

Life has hit me with many bumps and bruises and I haven’t always gone down the right path but eventually, I find the correct road and learn from my experiences.

I believe the best way to fix something is to get in and get your hands on the problem, this is also why I’m running for office. Our political system is badly broken and the only way to fix it is from the inside. 

About My Life

I have strong family values. My wife and I have been married for 33 years and I have always done what it takes to keep providing for my kids and then grandkids. I have helped raise and educate 3 kids, and 7 grandkids and now I even have great grandkids. We have enjoyed the ups and worked through the downs.

I was born in Boston Massachusetts and my mom, my sister, and I almost immediately moved to Maryland to live closer to family (it takes a village!). My mom got remarried and I got to mix the drinks at the wedding, 50/50 sounded right. When I was 10, the family moved across the United States, from Maryland to Oregon.  I remember laying across our luggage and stuff in the station wagon, looking up through the window at the stars, wondering how big this country really is and who all lives here.

I remember the teachers who left an impact on me, Mrs. Sly in grade school, Mr. Hammer in middle school, and Mr. Nail in high school.  And the faculty at school that I left and impact on, well that was actually when I ran into his car over 10 years after I got out of school. My high school vice principal stepped out of his vehicle, looked at me and said Eric is that you?

My first job was as a dishwasher. My first business was working on electric systems of cars (before cars were computers on wheels). I’ve worked odd jobs and weird hours to make sure there were always lights on and food in the fridge (my wonderful wife does the shopping though, she’s great). When she says there’s nothing here to fix is usually when you’re going to get the best meals and the kids always knew that when it was my turn to cook, they were getting pizza.

One of my times getting involved with politics was to change Oregon law to recognize the difference between games of skill and games of chance as one of my businesses was owning and operating coin-based arcade machines. Living off of quarters wasn’t easy, even 30+ years ago.

On collection days I would have thousands of dollars worth of quarters in the car and people would ask me what I would do if I got robbed? I tell them I would hand the thief a big bag of quarters and walk after them until they were tired of carrying it.

Later when we bought our first home, we began working with the city government on water access issues. I’ve stayed interested in local issues and politics and it’s a passion of mine. I have never stopped learning and talking about politics and how it actually affects the people.

To show you exactly how powerful the media can be let me share this experience.

I remember the City of Springfield had a law that did not allow pinball machines to give out free games. I went down to City Hall to talk to them about that. There were many citizens there and they were talking about many different things. There was a group there talking about gay and lesbian rights. I thought they had some very good points, but I was there to talk about pinball machines.

Every one of the news stations in town showed me listening to them. That confused some of my friends. They asked, why were you there for that? Is there something you want to tell us?

It was at that time I learned how much video editing can influence people’s opinions. We want to believe what we see on the evening news even more than what we’ve actually seen with our own eyes and know from our own experiences.

My Platform

I believe the government should be working for the people. I believe that all decisions that are made should be made for the benefit of the people. 

I believe there are times the government should help the people and I believe there are times the government should just get out of the way.

Good police and national parks are for the benefit of the people.

Reasonable Healthcare at a reasonable price. 

The FDA should test old-fashioned cures that can be created easily or inexpensively and so that knowledge of the past does not get lost. 

Decent education should be available to All and a reasonable way to pay for it. 

I also understand that we must have a strong business atmosphere. Good strong profitable businesses make it possible to have good strong reasonable jobs. 

People need to be encouraged to start up their own business, especially in times of heavy unemployment. When you live in a community you tend to be aware of what that Community needs, this will also help Spark plenty of innovation. 

We need a decent military and all of its different branches. I would like to add one more, we need an Earth Force. A group dedicated to finding and stopping all enemies trying to destroy this planet. Without Mother Earth we have nothing, no history, no future. She needs to be protected. 

There is NO plan B. We only have one planet and I think we can all agree that something is going wrong. We have many tools at our disposal to be able to fix this planet and bring it back to normal. The biggest fix is just cleaning the planet up.

We also need to be extremely careful while we’re creating laws and rules that guide this country into the future. Trying to look for and protect us against unattended consequences.

We need to be extremely careful of the laws and rules that we create, there are many groups and organizations that are trying to sabotage America. 

There are many ideas right now that are being pushed very hard as something that would benefit America and yet when you look at the long-term effects of these decisions, they would actually do more harm than good. 

This is an amazing country that can give us some creative guidance. I believe we can be even more amazing.

We all need to be able to live on the same piece of dirt that we call the United States in peace and harmony with each other. We all want the same thing, but we have different ideas on how to get it. It all comes down to reasonable compromise.

I do tend to align with the opinions of most unions. I believe the unions are working for the working class. Big business has enough protection and can hire enough people to fix most of their problems. The government is supposed to work for the people and because I believe in the people I have decided to get into government.

I truly believe in this country, and I believe that pretty much we all do want the same thing, a safe place to live and retire and have a place to be able to raise our kids. 

I believe that the people should be in control of their Own Destiny and their government. 

I also believe that we can’t make a good decision without good trustworthy information. Garbage in, garbage out. 

A rising tide will raise All Ships. 

I believe unions are a good thing giving the employees a strong unified voice to be able to be heard by owners and managers of the companies they work for. 

I believe there should be more employee-owned businesses. I think it’s a good idea to give the employees what is called ‘the right of first refusal’ when a business goes up for sale. 

I believe that employees should get to write progress reports on their bosses. Everything works better if information flows both ways. 

I believe right now what’s causing harm in this country is there is a perfect storm of WTMI, Way Too Much Information coming from too many places with way too many people pushing their wants, needs, intentions and agendas. 

I believe that human beings are hackable, our minds and emotions can be used against us without even knowing it’s happening, and the system has figured out how to do it and this must be stopped immediately.

It doesn’t matter to me if you are a Republican or a Democrat, conservative or a liberal, extreme right or extreme left, or anywhere in between. My job is to figure out what you want or need from your government, figure out how to turn it into a bill and then get it voted on in the US House of Representatives.

I will say this again and again and again and again. I know I have some very strong opinions and directions that I think we should go. This job is not about me, this job is about me representing you.

I believe that the people should have their voice in government and for my entire 60-plus years on this earth, I have understood that the Democrats basically work for the people and the Republicans basically work for big business.

I am not directly affiliated with any party. Believing in the basic idea of democracy, I am running as, the preferred party, Democrat.

The bones of the United States of America are strong, but our information systems keep trying to convince us that it is badly broken and all falling down. We need to stop helping to rip it down because of their lies. We need to fix what we’ve got. If we tear it down, there will be too many people trying to take over. Imagine our new government being built by a committee. What we have is extremely amazing let’s just repaint and move in. 

My biggest hope when in office is to find a way to heal this damage that is being done to our country and figure out how to get us to unite as the United States of America. 

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U.S. Representative for Congressional District 10

Washington State

Thank you for reading all of this.

Eric Mahaffy

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