Much Needed System Changes

Suggested edits to fix current system flaws.

I listen to how bills get assembled and made and then passed through committee after commits and each Committee and each group and each person get to change the bill. 

After a Bill gets written up, then it needs one or more sponsors to get the process started. Depending on the requirements or needs of the Bill it will go through one or many committees and get changed and altered. 

I think this used to work back in the day when leaders had much more Integrity, honor and respect for the system then a few of them seem to have now.

Sometimes when a Bill is sitting on the desk of a committee chair it will get stuffed with other Bills, documents or special interest amendments, frequently having absolutely nothing to do with the initial Bill that was sponsored. 

Sometimes it might even get sabotaged. If someone puts in what I call, a poison pill, something that by itself will make people vote no and it will completely sink the entire Bill. Of course at that point the other side will start screaming they wrote the Bill and they didn’t even vote for it. 

I first became aware of this as some of the health care bills were trying to get through our system. They would start as a reasonable size document and end up being something that needed an entire table stack high of paper because of all the sabotage or special interest and trash that got added to the bill. This has to stop.

So I think it’s important for the sponsors of the Bill to have some kind of guiding hand as it goes through all of these various stages and committees. Like if someone adds a completely unrelated document or Bill. Maybe someone is trying to sabotage it by changing shall to shall not. Some way of adding the good ideas and not accepting the things to change the bills Direction or amendments that have nothing to do with the Bill.

I was playing with Google Docs and they have setting in there called suggested edits, someone can go through your paperwork and say you might want to say this instead of that or this will be a good idea and that will be a bad idea, they can even include comments and explaining saying why they want to make these changes. 

I think that’s what should be happening with our Bills, if all these committees or people have to make suggested edits and the sponsor would accept or reject those edits trying to keep the bill and some kind of reasonable form allowing it to pass through the system without major damage, harm or dismantling.

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