Washington government building

It’s time to shut up or get involved!

Welcome to V4ME 2022!

My name is Eric Mahaffy and I am an IBEW 01 Journeyman Electrician. I have been talkin’ politics since my early 20’s, which was before Regan-omics. I am tired of watching my fellow Americans struggle. I decided that I either needed to shut up or get involved, so here I am running for Congress. In the 10th congressional district of the State of Washington. Why? Because I proudly live and pay my taxes here and want to help my neighbors and my country.

I will say this again and again and again and again. I know I have some very strong opinions and directions that I think we should go. This job is not about me, this job is about me representing you.

I am not affiliated with any party. Because I believe the people should have their voice in their own government, I am running as preferred party, Democrat.


  • Quick Answers To Questions About My Views

    Quick Answers To Questions About My Views

    These are quick answers to quick questions, by definition they cannot contain all of the details. I am making General statements. Please look for the intent, don’t pick on individual words.

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  • The Poop Cure

    The Poop Cure

    Nova did a show called The Poop Cure. No wait, hold on and hear me out -Our system is set up to only make big corporations money. This must stop

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  • Have you ever wondered why our politics seem to be going a little crazy?

    Have you ever wondered why our politics seem to be going a little crazy?  Politicians need to appeal to those who will vote. The people who will vote are typically motivated, for the lack of a better word. They could be single-issue voters or people who believe in this wild conspiracy or that wild conspiracy. […]

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  • Vote – Vote – Vote – Vote and Vote

    Vote – Vote – Vote – Vote and Vote

    A quick look at; why you should vote, vote by mail, ranked voting, why tax cuts are bad for the country, runaway inflation, high price of gasoline, about the manipulation of our opinions, changing the direction of our economy, and the difference between a democratically elected Republican and a democratically elected Democrat.

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  • Letters of recommendation.

    Letters of recommendation.

    Since I understand I have very low name recognition. I’ve been asking friends and family, coworkers and bosses to write letters of recommendation about me for the campaign to give you a better idea of who I am and why I would be a good candidate for you. This will get updated whenever another letter comes in.

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  • How Autism Shapes My Campaign

    How Autism Shapes My Campaign

    You absolutely need to know this before you vote for me, I am Autistic. I will never stop fighting for fair and equal justice for all. I know how much harm misjudging someone can do.

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