Letters of recommendation.

Since I understand I have very low name recognition. I’ve been asking friends and family, coworkers and bosses to write letters of recommendation about me for the campaign to give you a better idea of who I am and why I would be a good candidate for you. This will get updated whenever another letter comes in.


Jun 30,2022

When I think of Eric Mahaffy  I think “larger than life”. He has strong opinions and loves to talk to anyone with an open mind.

He is a genuinely good person to the core and loves people for who they are. 

He is able to relate to all people and has lived among people from both the left and right of politics. He has even been happily married to his lovely wife for more than 30 years who does not share his political or religious beliefs. This is because he has a deep respect for good people even if they think differently.

We need people in politics that can bring both sides to the table to actually get something done. Eric would be the person to do this!

I hope you vote for Eric, he is what we need in this divided time.

Emily Sharp

Seattle Washington



Eric Mahaffy is my older brother, and in my opinion Washington State could not ask for a better person to represent them in the congress. 

He has always been honest and hard working and I know he would work even harder if given a chance to work for the public good.

As a brother he has always been there for me. When something has gone wrong in my life he has always done everything he could to help. 

I know he does not like how divided our country has become and would weigh all sides of every issue – fairly and evenly. He would work hard to make sure all his constituents were heard. He would be a tireless advocate for working people because he understands what it takes to pay bills and put food on the table. 

After being self-employed most of his life he went back to school in his 40’s and became an electrician in order to provide a better living for his family. He always goes that extra mile.

Even when we were teenagers he would stop and help if someone’s car had broken down on the side of the road. He is simply put, a great guy.

If you want someone who cares – you should vote for Eric Mahaffy!

Savona Cook

Eugene, Oregon



I have worked with Eric for quite some time now and I would say he is a great candidate to run for state representative. Eric Mahaffy is certain about his ideals and standards that he believes in. He is absolutely willing to follow through to make sure something gets done about the issues at hand. I think Eric has some great ideas that he would be able to bring to a larger audience, as well as the desire to fight for what other people believe in as well. This makes for a great candidate in my mind!

-James Connelly

Tacoma Wa.


June 23, 2022

I have known Eric Mahaffy for over 25 years. We met in Eugene, Oregon while training Service Dogs to assist individuals with physical and mental challenges.  We became friends very quickly, and in that time I have had occasion to work with Eric on a number of projects.  He assisted and guided me on the building, plumbing,  and wiring of my house; I assisted him in the remodel of his house; and he showed me how to do major auto repairs on my van.  During our many hours working together, we had long conversations on many different topics including economics and political governance.  In all the time I have known Eric, I have found him to be completely honest, unerringly reliable, and extremely thoughtful.  He is a man I truly trust, whose straight forward and forthright thoughts I value, and for whom I am extremely grateful to call friend.

Rand Stamm

Bellingham, WA


UNERRINGLY | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

in a way that is always accurate or good, never failing or making a mistake: The writing is razor-sharp and unerringly intelligent. 


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  1. I lost track of Eric years ago. He was doing automotive electrical work at the time. We had cars in common. He had a 1966 Cutlass convertible, I had a 1965 Cutlass convertible. We became friends. He was a compassionate intelligent outgoing person at that time. I see no reason for that to have changed.

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