Vote – Vote – Vote – Vote and Vote

If you’re an American who is eligible to vote, it’s important more, now than ever, to do so.

Why should you vote?

It is your job to carefully study and pick the right person to be responsible and guide The United States where you want it to go. If you do your job casually you will get a casual government. If you don’t care enough to vote you will get a government that doesn’t care enough about you. If you are just going to look for the person who said the right thing to make you feel good then you’re just going to get a feel good government. Finding the right candidate is hard work. Please give it the time it needs to make the right decision. It truly is up to the people that vote.

I’m going to try to give you some Republican against Democrat views. I hope this helps. 

Vote by mail

One of the reasons the Democrats tend to favor vote by mail is that you can sit down wherever you’re comfortable with your phone or your computer, you can look up the people you’re being asked to vote on and read for as long as you want about them. And they choose somebody on the ballot in front of you. This will help give you a good idea about the people you’re voting for. But if you’re standing in a long line with tons of people behind you, you tend to do more vote by guess then you do vote by knowledge. And yes, I understand there are ways to go in organized but most of us don’t do that.

Ranked voting

Ranked voting is a method of giving everybody the assurance that they will have a decision in the last two people standing. It’s a way of giving you much more Choice without having you throw away your single vote on the long shot. 

It can look a little bit like some weird Black Box mystery. Simplest description is we all get A, B, C, D, …… votes, we then add up all the votes from the top of all voters list, the person with the least number of votes their name gets removed from the system and we add up all the votes again and repeat until we only have two people standing and the one with the most votes wins. And doing it this way everybody will have a vote on the last two people standing. 

The upside is you will only have to do one voting cycle instead of having primaries or runoffs so it’s actually a less expensive way of voting and still gives you more Choice than you could ever imagine without throwing your single vote away on the long shot.

Why tax cuts are bad for the country

Trump gave us a huge tax cut mostly for the rich and now the rich are buying up houses so they can rent them. That is shooting the cost of houses through the roof making it very tough and very expensive for the average person to buy a house. 

Also this huge tax cut and the others before it have done an excellent job of defunding the police, defunding education, defunding border patrol and defunding any record-keeping (ownership of cars and housing, who’s married to who, the distribution of our tax dollars. Also defunding fair and honest elections.)

Taking this much money out of the hands of our government is defunding our entire government and has the potential of completely financially collapsing America. This country that we love and care about needs money to do its job. Removing this much money from our government will collapse this federal republic democracy.

Runaway inflation

Trump kept the interest rates low making it incredibly easy for investors to buy lots of stuff which pumped lots of money into our economy and now we have over five times more money in the system. This by itself took our cash money supply from just under 4 trillion dollars in 2016 when I was writing my book to over 22 trillion dollars during Trump’s reign in office. The GOP and the rich and Elite had a great party with that new money and now the Democrats get to clean up the mess and we are getting blamed for the mess we are trying to clean up. That huge increase in money is causing the runaway inflation. 

High price of gasoline

Trump gave Putin the impression that America wouldn’t give a s*** if he invaded Ukraine but now we have somebody truly trying to defend democracy instead of destroying it. Once again because it’s happening at a time that a Democrat is in charge the conservative system is blaming the Democrat instead of putting the blame where it needs to be on the GOP. 

The price of gas is going through the roof and everyone’s blaming President Biden because it happened during his shift. This leaves me with the impression that somehow people think Biden can control Putin. 

My question is if we are going to try to stop the war to lower gas prices then you have to decide whose kids we want to send over there to die so we can have cheaper fuel. Biden has seen too much death and he doesn’t want to see death anymore so be proud of the fact that you’re saving American lives by paying that higher fuel cost.

The manipulation of our opinions

We have this odd rule in our system that makes us vote on whether we will or will not pay our debt, which you should think of as a credit card. This is an annual event and once a year this decision has to be made. shall we pay the credit card? yes or no. This is usually to cover the pay of most of the people working for us from office workers to the military and our police force. When a Democrat is in the White House all the Republicans vote NO! And they will push it until there’s almost a complete government shutdown and screaming about how Democrats are taxing and spending. Typically to get them to vote Yes, the Democrats have to include some bill in it that the Republicans are trying to force through the system. 

But when a republican is in the White House, they all vote yes for the same bill when it comes up during their time and sweep everything under the rug. That’s in the voting record. Go look it up. 

The Republicans love to throw the party and make everybody feel happy and the Democrats usually do the work of cleaning the mess up and nobody likes to clean up their room so we are quite the buzzkill when we are just trying to clean up the mess from the party.

Changing the direction of our economy

One of the ways the GOP makes this work for them is it takes a long time for our economy to shift around. Think of it as a really big boat. Most big boats take a lot of planning and team effort to get them to maneuver safely but our boat has many rutters on it, all controlled by different groups that don’t always communicate and it’s very hard to get it to move in one particular direction. 

It can take years of effort to move our economy just a little bit in the right direction. Because of this lag time between effort and a response frequently when the Democrats fix the economy the effects are felt during the next election cycle and the GOP system will take full credit for it. The GOP usually will mess up our economy, but it doesn’t show up until the next election cycle at which point the Republican information system will continue to screen about how badly the Democrats are missing things up.

The difference between a democratically elected Republican and a democratically elected Democrat

The Republicans and the Democrats have two completely different ideas of who our economy should be working for and helping. 

Typically a republican system makes changes to benefit the rich telling people only the rich can create good jobs and good jobs will help all people live well. 

The Democrats believe that our economy should help all people because a rising tide will raise All Ships. 

And it’s been proven over and over again that the rich and the elite don’t like to pay their employees and workers what they’re truly worth and do there best to keep the money for themselves and trickle down as little money to the people working for them as they can get away with.

A democratically elected Republican at its base is about the people picking someone to give their power to. Hoping that they will do the right thing while in office.

The basic goal of democracy elected Democrat is to keep the people’s voice in the system and keeping the system working fairly for all people. This is an incredibly hard and very messy thing to do. 

So, it’s easy to think that a democrat system is all screwed up but when it’s like that it really is working extremely well because it is trying to represent all of us and we don’t all have the same opinion about how the world works.


I have my ideas of why people should vote one way over the other but what it comes down to is that I believe All of us should vote. Whether you agree with me or not I want you to vote. In a federal republic it really is your only job. It’s simple, it’s easy and it will take some time if you do it right but isn’t America worth it?

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