Have you ever wondered why our politics seem to be going a little crazy?

Have you ever wondered why our politics seem to be going a little crazy? 

Politicians need to appeal to those who will vote. The people who will vote are typically motivated, for the lack of a better word. They could be single-issue voters or people who believe in this wild conspiracy or that wild conspiracy. Or people who just love voting and politics. 

This country is controlled by those who choose to show up. And the motivated are the ones that will show up. 

If you want our government to become normal then more normal people need to vote.

The average person is too busy trying to hold life together to even look up and see what is going on. They usually think their vote doesn’t count or they don’t know enough to be able to vote properly. 

In my opinion people who think like that are probably the most sane individuals out there and if you want our politics to become calm and sane then we need calm and sane people to vote. That just might be you.

We have vote-by-mail in the state of Washington and telephones that can find information about anybody anywhere at any time. Sit down at your dining room table or on the couch or wherever you’re comfortable, pick up your phone, pick up your voters pamphlet and vote, vote, vote, vote, vote! 

Sometimes if I can’t find Any information about a certain position and the people running for that position, I would just leave that spot blank and hope somebody with a little more knowledge will pick the right candidate. 

In my opinion we are a democracy and we should vote for Democrats.

This system works best when All of you vote. And if you don’t know what to do, vote blue! Go democracy! Go Democrats!

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