Quick Answers To Questions About My Views

Q. I don’t know your views on anything – healthcare, the environment, abortion, education. 

Q. I was also asked about government runaway spending in a post that would have taken the size of a small book.

Q. How do you stomp out misinformation without stomping on freedom of speech?

Let me reemphasize these are quick answers to quick questions, by definition they cannot contain all of the details and nuances. I am making general statements. Please look for the intent, don’t pick on individual words.


Healthcare is way too expensive and when we try to fix it, is when our information system once again tries to split us down the middle and nothing happens. This constant flipping and flopping back and forth from Democrat to Republican control is the majority of the problem. It doesn’t give this system long enough to go one way in one direction to get to a final goal. Basically, Republicans work for big business and Democrats work for the people.

Environment & Climate Crisis

We only have one planet, it would be stupid to destroy it. If they are right and this is just a natural cycle of things and we clean our planet up then we have a clean Planet, what’s wrong with that? But if it is caused by what we’re doing and I’m sure it is and we just let it happen then everything anybody has ever done will be lost. Why would we do that to ourselves? Big business wants to spend as little money as it can to give you the least expensive product. It’s been shown over and over again that always seem to care about what it cost for me to buy it. Every dollar is a vote for that company and the way they do business.


I hate this issue. I believe it is being misused to guide us toward a path that will eventually take away everybody’s freedom. This issue is being misused to put some big Nails in the coffin of democracy. 

The process of enforcing an abortion ban would set up the most prominent Big Brother spy system than you could ever imagine. And it would likely all be funded by your tax dollars.

About abortion, I wish that nobody felt they had to make that decision, I would rather see good education and proper knowledge of birth control and teach that making that decision both for the man and the woman is something they will never forget. 

Abortion should not be regulated by the government. The people who believe that is okay believe they have solid reasons for what they think, the people who think that it is horrible and believe it is killing babies, feel like they are saving lives. 

The government should never stand in the middle of their country and its people and be asked to pick one side or the other.

Roe v Wade is a reasonable guideline and I believe it should stand. Be careful there’s a lot of misinformation about what Roe v Wade stands for.


I can’t believe that nowadays education is becoming a political football. I remember when the feeling was, get a good education to help you get a good job. 

Now it sounds like people think that education is nothing but a brainwashing system from the government. OMG

The easiest way to take over society is to limit education, especially History and if the people are willing to help to eliminate their own education by not sending their kids to school or college and burning books, well even better for the Conqueror. 

If you can look back at history you can see the tricks and processes that were used to take over other societies and then you will learn how to avoid these tricks in the future. History does repeat, this has happened before.

I believe that the better the education and the educated Society the better we will all do. A rising tide raises All Ships. 

I do believe that education should be paid for by the government. 

I also would like to explore the idea of a child education tax, the more kids you have the higher the tax should be because it creates a huge expense on the education system, it also needs to be applied to biological parents who might help slow down deadbeat dads. If you have no kids then you pay no education tax. If as an adult you want to go to college then you agree to pay a college tax. If done right the education would be paid for by the people who are using it and it would be paid over a long amount of time so it would not create a big burden on the people. 

Government spending

This idea could be misused if we don’t get the lying and misinformation out of are Information Systems. We’ve already experienced how screwed up we can get when we have two sides to every news story. Alternate facts can be destructive. This is why I asked the last question about how to stop misinformation without shutting down freedom of speech.

I want to explore the idea of allowing every citizen to be able to direct 25% of their own tax money to the places they believe it is needed by the government. 

I believe the side effect of doing this is our government would suddenly start advertising to us and telling us what they’re doing and why they need their money. We the people could then direct a percentage of our taxes to those groups and organizations and another percentage to the other group and less to the groups and organizations that we think don’t deserve it. 

If an organization is getting less and less money to operate every year, it will eventually go away and if the systems we like and believe need to be better funded, it will happen. In my opinion, anybody against this idea of the people knowing how their money is being used and having some control over it, let’s just say you might want to question their motives.

Yes, I understand there are some things that it’s better off if we the people don’t truly understand or know about but there is some information they can give us and our politicians can get filled in and just tell us well trust me it needs a little more.


I’ve heard more than once that it is easier to convince somebody of a lie than it is to convince them that they have been lied to. 

Basically, once you believe something to be true you don’t want to let go of your belief or learn that you have been tricked, especially if the lie was built on top of one of your personal and core beliefs or if that lie was told to you by someone that you trust. 

It will make you have to question everything and nobody wants to go down that road.

If you put up a post that at your core you believe to be true and honest and then someone comes along and takes it down, it will be easier for you to believe in cancel-culture and government cover-ups than it will be for you to say, oh, well maybe I was tricked, I should just trust whoever did that.

Our governmental system it’s set up to be operated and used by people with morals and respect for others. The problem is there are people out there without morals so what you end up needing to do is legislate morality. That will never fly. 

This one leaves me with way more questions than I will ever have answers but I will never stop thinking about it. I have lots of thoughts about this one but if I want to stop before I hit a million words we should probably talk about it a little later.

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