Washington government building

It’s time for me to either shut up or get involved!

Welcome to V4ME 2024!

My name is Eric Mahaffy and I am an IBEW 01 Journeyman Electrician. I have been talking politics since my early 20’s. I am tired of watching my fellow Americans struggle. I decided that I either needed to shut up or get involved, so here I am running for Congress in 2024. For the 10th congressional district of the State of Washington.

Something we can do now to help save the planet, improve work life balance, decreasing expenses on individuals and business and reduce rush hour traffic, all by about 20% through working 4, 10s instead of 5, 8s.

I don’t think this idea can wait until 2024. So, I am starting to introduce myself. Please read, want to help change the world? Work 4 10s. If you think any of that is a good idea, please make a monthly donation of a dollar or more so we can make it happen.


  • How Autism Shapes My Campaign

    How Autism Shapes My Campaign

    You absolutely need to know this before you vote for me, I am Autistic. I will never stop fighting for fair and equal justice for all. I know how much harm misjudging someone can do.

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  • Much Needed System Changes

    Much Needed System Changes

    I am looking for things that seem to be in our government that gum up the works. Do you have any thoughts that might help our system work better or more effectively? Let me show you what I mean.

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  • My Question is a Simple One

    My Question is a Simple One

    This is my first attempt to write a book with solutions to problems I saw in the US. Its a very detailed breakdown of some ideas to help the eceonomy

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  • I work at a hospital

    I work at a hospital

    I think what surprises me is somehow the FDA and the amazing work and research that has gone into vaccines has somehow become a political football. Like anybody else I am very concerned about putting stuff into my body and I can see how this type of Gossip could get under someone’s skin. But this…

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  • Things My Dad Never Said

    Things My Dad Never Said

    This post has a couple of sharp edges and I think it is something that needs to be covered. Please give yourself some time to be able to read it carefully. Don’t skim

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  • Is it Time for Term Limits?

    Is it Time for Term Limits?

    Are term limits going to get rid of the people misusing the system or get rid of the people with experience?

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